Welcome to the next-gen MOBA esports game built using a p2e model on top of BNB.

Monstropoly is a Binance Accelerator Program IV member for the most valuable builders. See more here

Welcome to Monstropoly
Monstropoly is a next-gen MOBA esports game built using a Play & Earn model on top of BNB.
This casual shooting game delivers PvP & cooperative PvE modalities with a juicy portfolio of cosmetic skins and a rich gaming experience.
Create your unique monster, then team up with friends, engage in thrilling battles and use your combat skills to earn money.
We pitched our game at the BTC 2021 conference in Miami. We received the award for the best blockchain game in the gaming category, as seen in the picture below, with some relevant web3 investors supporting Monstropoly on the judging panel like Tim Draper from Drapper Associates, Paul Veradittakit from Pantera Capital or Oleg Mikhalsky from Fulgur Ventures.
1st prize on the category blockchain gaming at the Bitcoin 2021 conference
In Monstropoly, many different paths lie ahead as the player must use skill to obtain rewards. Thanks to Monstropolians, players can take advantage of the game feature they enjoy most: competing against others and breeding or trading NFTs to support the game during idle periods.

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