Company Background
Meet Satoshis Games, the team behind Monstropoly
Satoshis Games was born in 2018 with the vision of creating new gaming experiences based on the new possibilities that blockchain and crypto technologies were bringing to the industry.
Over the last years, we have been leading Bitcoin Gaming, with milestones like the launch of the first instant micro-reward game Platform, the implementation of Liquid NFTs and the creation of top-quality web3 desktop games titles like Light Nite.
Satoshis Games is now facing a new extraordinary project: Monstropoly - a web3 game where players embrace the monsters inside your boxes, train them and collect the rarest species. Practice your skills in PvE, upgrade your monsters and help them choose their own fate fighting in the elite leagues of the PvP Arena with MOBA eSport competition dynamics. Breed, rent, trade and fight for glory to enter the Monstropoly Olympus of Masters.

Back in 2018, Satoshis Games gave birth to the first Lightning micro-reward Gaming Platform (currently non-maintained, containing a dozen 8-bit style games that offered bitcoin micro-rewards in a scalable way thanks to the 2nd layer Lightning Network. A cheered and promising start to introduce real liquid rewards in games, which encouraged us to create a really high-quality match joining an excellent gaming experience and rewarding users' engagement with the game.
Satoshis Games - 1st playtoearn platform

That was the start of LightNite, a crypto-version of Fornite that started its development in late 2019 and presented its prototype a few months later with an attractive low-poly cartoonish design that the community loved. The game progressively included PvE, PvP and Battle Royale game modes, and reached the beta stage in 2021. LightNite is one of the most developed crypto-games today in terms of game mechanics and design, it gathers a healthy user base and plans to be released by December 2021.

Another milestone for Satoshis Games was the development of a standard for Liquid-based NFTs on games, together with Blockstream. This standard allowed us to tokenize in-game assets on bitcoin native games, create provable supplies of skins, and confer ownership properties to our users. LightNite tokenized their skins in 2020 as the first step to building a Liquid gaming NFT marketplace.
Along with an NFT marketplace was launched as the first component of the broader Elixir Gaming Platform, helping thousands of users trade their Liquid NFTs, and purchase goods with their stacked sats.

Satoshis Games' latest milestone was the release in June 2021 of the first Game Launcher exclusively for crypto-games, as a second component of the Elixir Platform is starting to be populated with new crypto-games, counting currently 16 games between pc, mobile and browser. A Developer Console has also been developed to help developers integrate their games easily in Elixir.
We presented our Desktop Game Launcher at the BTC 2021 conference in Miami. Elixir received the award for the best tool for blockchain adoption in the gaming category, as seen in the picture below with some relevant people who were in the judging panel like Tim Draper from Drapper Associates, Paul Veradittakit from Pantera Capital or Oleg Mikhalsky from Fulgur Ventures.
1st prize on the vblockchain gaming adoption at the Bitcoin 2021 conference

Satoshis Games is selected and enters Binance's "Most Valuable Builders Programme", aiming to accelerate handpicked projects and companies with the highest ability to escalate their Dapps and contribute to significantly enlarging the BNB Chain ecosystem.
Binance selects Satoshis Games as one of the Most Valuable Builder companies for its ecosystem.
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(2018) Satoshi's Games - 1st play-to-earn game platform
(2019) Light Nite - Play2earn Fortnite game
(2020) Elixir NFT Marketplace
(2021) Elixir Desktop Game launcher
(2022) Selected for Binance's Accelerator Program