Web3 Dapp to manage your Monstropoly NFTs & tokens
The Monstropoly Dapp comes with several features to manage your NFTs, tokens and all the web3 functions from the Monstroverse.
Monstropoly - Dapp Testnet sneak-peek


The Monstropoly Dapp provides access to the following features:
  • Staking & Farming $MPOLY
  • Swap between $MPOLY <> $MPGLD
  • Monster NFT breeding
  • Monster NFT marketplace for trades
  • Monster NFT Staking
  • Monster NFT Lending
  • Redeem external purchases of Monster NFT boxes
  • Purchase Monster NFT Boxes
  • Access to the vote Monstropoly DAO proposals

Testnet Version

Below you can access a testnet version of our existing work-in-progress Dapp. Please, bear in mind layout, components & design is not final 👇