Evolution (NFT Upgrades)
Upgrade your NFTs to improve your rarity
There are two main reasons why you may want to upgrade an NFT. One is increasing your stats, and then enjoying better gameplay, earning more gaming rewards. Another one is accessing a higher level of NFT staking corresponding to the upper rarity with a higher yield, or just distributing your NFTs in different rarity levels to avoid rate cuts. But also, getting stats that better complement the weapons you may have in your inventory.
In order to benefit from the upgrading function, you will need to gather any 5 NFTs of a given rarity and cover the upgrading costs in $MPOLY. as per the following table. You will then obtain an NFT of the upper rarity, with the corresponding Stats.
Upgrading operation
Number of lower rarity NFTs to burn
Upgrading cost ($MPOLY)
Common to Uncommon
5 Common NFTs
Uncommon to Premium
5 Uncommon NFTs
Premium to Rare
5 Premium NFTs
Rare to Exotic
5 Rare NFTs
Exotic to Legendary
5 Exotic NFTs
One thing to take into account is that Stats that you have improved with a $GLD cost for you will give you a better chance of your upgraded NFT to have higher stats than just random values.
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