Co-Op: Bored Monster RAIDs
Inspired by the legendary raids of WoW
Once a season, players can unite in groups of 15 to fight against the BigBoredBoss. To do so, they need to acquire a BigBoredBoss Ticket.
Every player that dies against this boss will lose their NFT. When 5 players die, the game will come to an end.
When the BigBoredBoss is killed, a pool of $MPGLD and $MPOLY (created from a fix amount of game-provided tokens, and increased by ticket purchases) is distributed among the Monster Provokers who defeated this formidable foe.
If the BigBoredBoss remains undefeated throughout an entire Season Pass, the pool of tokens will be burned or maintained for the next month.
Remember, the BigBoredBoss can only defeated once per Season.
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