Let's meet the moooonsters!

Modular characters

Characters are built in a low-poly cute style, through a combination of components (body, eyes, mouth, ears, hats, hands and complements) to create a broad range of unique characters.


Every single character will be available in 6 different rarities, each conferring the character better features in combat, higher staking rates and a finer appearance to draw attention at markets. The scale of rarities is the following:
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Premium
  • Rare
  • Exotic
  • Legendary
The rarity limits the Stats a certain NFT can get. If you want to get a more powerfull NFT you wil need to Upgrade the rarity of your NFT.


There are 4 Skills that determine the lethality, combat power and survival ability of each character at a certain state. These are:
  • Dodge (1-100): Determines the ability to evade enemies' attacks
  • Speed (1-100): Determines the speed of movement of the character
  • Armor (1-100): Determines how resistant is the character to other players' attacks
  • Health (1-100): Sets the amount of health the character accumulates at the start of the match
Each character will be created (minted NFT) with initial random Stats around the low end range of it's corresponding Rarity. You will be able to evolve up to their respective maximum levels of Stats, just with good play and a smart use of your earned $MPGLD resources.
However, every Monster will be specially skilled on one attribute. Good initial skills from low Rarities could even outperform those from higher levels, however in average there is a direct correlation between Rarity and Stats.
Overall there will be thousands of different characters available from the very start of the game launch, scattered across a certain range of feature Stats to provide variety. But yet with an incredible potential of character improvement and thus differentiation both in appearance, stats and staking power.
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