Show your skills in the Arena
Monstropoly is a Monster-focused experience when it comes to trophies. A monster likes to keep their trophies for themselves and not to be shared with other Monsters. This is why each Monster will be attached to their Trophies.
This means that once transferred, the monster trophies will be transferred with them

How to get them

Trophies can only be obtained on the battlefield. But don't let the power of greed fool you. Trophies will also be lost on each Defeat.
  • Win games to obtain Trophies
  • Losing games will incur losing Trophies

What are they for

Trophies will reflect on both the Monster and his Master;
  • ​Trophy Road: The Monster trophies will affect their positioning in the Trophy Road and will grant access to its rewards.
  • ​Leaderboard: Each Master will be ranked based on the total sum of his Monster's trophies.