NFT Holders
The Masters are Monstropoly NFT holders
Monstropoly - Monster Provokers

Each user that embraces the adventure of collecting Monsters and discovering the Montropoly metaverse will be considered a Master.
Masters are allowed to do as they please with their Monsters, from collecting the rarest species to training or trading them. Every Master will see different opportunities and specialise in a particular area of Monstropoly or take advantage of each one of them!

Those Masters that feel more interested in discovering the rarest Species out there in the Monstropoly metaverse. Master Collectors will be able to take advantage of a higher Shine regeneration on its monster's Shine.
A small boost percentage on the Shine regeneration of their Monsters will be provided for every Monster held, capped to a maximum. Depending on the rarity of each NFT held, the boosts will be different:
Master Shine Regeneration Boost
2 variables set the energy regeneration: the number and rarity of NFTs held

Specialists of every Monster Specie know how to make the best out of each Monster. They believe in hard work and training. Train the Monsters, take them to the higher Levels and higher Ranks and extract value out from the time invested. Other users might be interested in saving time and being in the front row!

Monsters are not available for every pocket. As a Promoter, put your Monsters to work in the hands of the best gamers and earn a passive income out of it. As a Scholar, find yourself a good Promoter, borrow his Monster and play with it so you can split rewards.

Every market is an opportunity, Masters with the better eye will be able to take the best value out of trading with Monsters. Buy cheap, sell high!
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