Free-to-Play players
Monstropoly - Comic sneak-peek
Players who don't feel compelled to become real Masters can still have a great time in the simulated version of Monstropoly. Apprentices can play simulated non-NFT called Metamonsters (random types for each game). These players are called Apprentices.
Apprentices are the players who follow a Free-to-play path.
During early levels, Apprentices will not be able to select a Metamonster with which to battle. Their Metamonster will be randomly assigned for each battle according to the best spread for the lobby.
Apprentices and Masters will unlock Metamonsters one by one by progressing through the Season Pass


Metamonsters are virtual simulated monsters:
  • Metamonsters won't be able to earn $MPGLD
  • Metamonsters will earn Candy Tokens (Non-crypto currency)
  • Playing with Metamonsters will consume Shine
  • Metamonsters can fight in the same conditions against a real Monster
  • Metamonsters also have a level system and are allowed to progress using Candy Tokens with the Upgrading Machine
  • Metamonsters cannot be traded in the Marketplace nor used for breeding
Apprentices will only be able to earn $MPGLD as a reward for ending the Season in the higher Ranking positions or from tournaments.
See the withdrawal system for Free-to-Play players.


The Metamonster are very realistic simulated versions of Monsters, so they will also have Shine . That represents the ability of each Metamonster to generate Candy Tokens. Once the Monster runs out of Shine, the Monster won't receive Candy Tokens out from Battles.
  • Each Battle will consume 1 unit of Shine from the Metamonster
  • If the Metamoster has available Shine he will be able to earn Candy Tokens
The Metamonster will be able to keep playing and earning other kinds of rewards apart from progressing in the Rank leaderboard when it runs out of Sugar.

Candy Tokens

Playing with Metamonsters will reward the player with Candy Tokens. These can be used for upgrading the Metamonsters, but also for other in-game payments.
Candy Tokens are not a Crypto Currency. It acts as an in-game traditional soft currency for the Free-to-Play ecosystem.