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Monstropoly - Bulldozer Monster


Bored Mike, the metaverse traveller, discovered the Monstroverse. Despite disappearing during one of his expeditions, we followed breadcrumbs he left and found he had left behind some chests and notebooks in his den.
These notebooks contained the knowledge he learned from his travels, as well as insightful info about the creatures that lived in some of those metaverses.
In those chests, a huge, hidden collection of monsters' adventures was captured. However, these chests are protected with some special magic, with only true Monsters Provokers able to open them.
We hope that the info in this whitepaper helps you become a true Monster Provoker. Understanding their anatomy, discovering their habits and learning their culture are just three examples of how you can follow this path.
Beware, monsters are hard to tame! Yet, once one achieves Provoker powers, an entirely new universe emerges before them.

First Course

The Monstroverse is a hidden metaverse, located in a glitch spot where incredible amounts of metaverse junk drop.
The faces and bodies of monsters, which define them from birth, exhibit mutations produced by this glitch. As they age, monsters learn about treasure hunting: they collect all the junk they can and use it to knit clothes of a particular style that provides their unique appeal.
Bored Mike defined how, even though monsters can look very similar at first sight, each monster is unique.
Currently, four types of monsters have been reported, meaning four different bodies and combinations of complements. Each type features a unique combination of traits that makes them unique.
As some complements are more common, monsters can be fitted into 6 rarity groups based on the combination of their attributes: Common, Premium, Rare, Exotic and Legendary. The monster society is rarity-based, so the rarest creatures have the greatest benefits.
Many problems arise from a rarity-based society, such as jealousy, nonconformity and disagreement. These feelings fuel the inner fury for fighting that defines monster nature.
For centuries, monsters have been fighting creatures. Their traditions generate a special relationship with their weapon, an unbreakable link created at birth that runs their entire lifespan. Investigations into breaking this link are underway.
This inner fury is what brings monsters into the Arena, where they team up in groups and fight against one another to raise their self-esteem.

Second Course

Monstropoly is a metaverse created by Satoshis Games so that we can experiment with monsters within a controlled environment.
In Monstropoly, those who have the courage to become a Monster Provoker are allowed to open one of the chests found at Bored Mike's crib. A Monster Provoker has the power of controlling, training, upgrading and exploiting the benefits of monsters.
Monsters are not just amazing fighters or smug, stylish creatures. Their true potential, as seen by Bored Mike, is in their insides. Not their personality, for they are horrible to deal with, but the materials of which they are made.
Monsters generate $MPGLD internally, a precious material that they exude right after fighting. Sadly, their inner Shine is limited.
The entire Monstropoly economy is based on two materials: $MPGLD and $MPOLY. Without them, the metaverse cannot function.

Sweet ending

Bored Mike spent so many years watching and learning from monster habits that he was able to create a first version of the Breeding Machine.
With this Breeding Machine, we successfully and artificially replicated the breeding process of the monsters.
Bored Mike's v1 Breeding Machine has its limitations, so the Satoshis Games team followed his notes to develop better versions of the Breeding Machine.
There are no studies into the complete lifecycle of a monster and no dead bodies were mentioned in Bored Mike's notes, so nobody knows what happens to monsters in the long term. Perhaps they have an infinite life, perhaps they simply disintegrate and disappear...
We are very close to replicating Bored Mike's travels, so we too can visit and explore the Monstroverse in search of new types and mutations, to capture new monsters and grow this unique ecosystem.