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Monstropoly - Monsters


Bored Mike, the metaverse traveller, discovered Monstropoly. Despite disappearing during one of his expeditions, we followed the breadcrumbs he left and found he had left behind some chests and notebooks in his den.
These notebooks contained the knowledge he learned from his travels, as well as insightful info about the creatures that lived in some of those metaverses.
We hope that the info in this whitepaper helps you become a true Master. Understanding their anatomy, discovering their habits and learning their culture are just three examples of how you can follow this path.

Monsters (NFTs)

Bored Mike defined how, even though monsters can look very similar at first sight, each monster is unique. Many problems arise from a rarity-based society, such as jealousy, nonconformity and disagreement. These feelings fuel the inner fury for fighting that defines monster nature.
This inner fury brings monsters into the Arena, where they team up in groups and fight against one another to raise their self-esteem.
Monsters' ego is so big that they don't create any laces with their Masters. Meaning they can be transferable among Masters without any problem. Monsters are obsessed with glory, so winning fights and advancing through the trophy road is their primary purpose.


As Monsters are such indomitable creatures. Bored Mike developed a simulated version of each monster type for new Masters to embrace the challenge.
Even though these simulated Monsters are not actual, they can compete without any disadvantage against Monsters in a fair fight. Hence they will benefit from a different simulated reward schema and not the one innate to every Monster.
As defined in their nature, simulated Monsters cannot be represented in a world outside Monstropoly, so they cannot be transferred among Masters.