Monster Stamina but in a electric way
Monstropoly - Battery System
Having available Battery when playing a game will grant the player winning Season Pass Tokens. The battery of a monster works like an Stamina system for Season Pass Tokens rewards.
Players can play with a Monster when it runs out of Battery but won't receive Season Pass Tokens. Trophies can still be lost/won from the battles.
Each Monster has a fixed amount of Battery. After every Battle, two critical things happen:
  • The player will earn rewards if the Monster wins and has available Battery
  • 1 unit of Battery is consumed from the Monster for each Battle played (win or lose)
Just like IRL, Battery is limited: Every time a Master consumes Battery from a Monstropolian, it will require the Monster to take some time to regenerate. Monsters will be able to keep fighting when they run out of Battery: while they won't be able to produce rewards for their Master, this doesn't stop them from earning trophies for rank progression. Their battlefield performance defines the number of rewards a Monstropolian can produce. The amount they generate has been studied and is described in this whitepaper's In-Game Rewards section.
A good Energy Drink will help Monstropolians recover their batteries faster!

Feeling Good

Sometimes accumulating Victories when a Monster is out of Battery will make the Monster feel powerful, and it can sporadically generate Battery.