Monster Types
Despite their notorious cuteness and beauty, monsters were born to fight. Once a monster emerges, they are assigned a place on the battlefield and left to the free will of the player's imagination.
Until now, 4 types of monsters have been categorised based on their physical aspects, these traits make them unique & rare. Nevertheless, it is on the Battlefield where each type shows its true potential.

Monsters have several Monstropowers (or as they are usually called Stats). Each monster has different levels of stat depending on their types:
  • Speed
  • Health
  • Damage
  • Fire Rate
  • Range
All monsters have a similar amount of power but it is up to the Provoker to ensure they progress and upgrade their Monstropowers. More on that later...

Monsters are mystical creatures not limited to common violence using melee weapons. They also possess the capability to use Monstromagic: an active ability that directly impacts on the battlefield.
Together with Monstropowers, Monstromagic is what defines each Species. Discover a description of each type and their corresponding Monstromagic below.

To this date, no data exists beyond the contents of Bored Mike's notebooks detailing 4 types of Monsters Types. However, Satoshis Games aims to replicate Bored Mike's travels and visit the metaverse in search of new kinds.

Every monster is unique and possesses a hidden talent: a passive ability that has an impact on the monster's daily (off-game) capabilities.
This is not a unique property, so some monsters may have the same hidden talent.
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