Free vs NFT Monsters

A closer look into the Monsters anatomy

One of a kind

Each Monster represents a different type: the type can be categorised into a different MOBA category attending to their stats composition and active abilities. One will focus more on dealing damage to enemies, others on defending their team.

Understanding Monsters

Icy identifies himself as a Support. He loves to take care of their teammates. Masters can benefit from playing with Icy in several ways:
  • Free Monster: A simulated version of Icy will be accessible to play with him for all Masters (subject to the progression systems). This way, Masters can enjoy Icy. Hence they won't have access to Icy's Trophy Road. Neither will be able to transfer their simulated Icy.
  • NFT Monster: Masters can purchase one or several unique Icy. Playing with them will grant access to each individual "Icy Trophy Road", having the option to obtain Icy's outfits for the season. Also, once a Master is tired of Icy, they will be able to transfer him with all the obtained progress for other Masters to enjoy him.
We can better understand the difference between Free Monsters and NFT Monsters. We can conclude that Icy is a Type of monster itself. And also, that Icy is a nice guy.


Monsters have several Stats. These stats are shared for all Monsters of the same type. On the other hand, depending on their level, each monster will have different power on those stats, being the stats power progression common by type.
  • Speed
  • Health
  • Damage
  • Fire Rate
  • Range
It is up to each Master to ensure what Monsters they progress to upgrade their Stats. More on that later...

Monstromagic (Active Ability)

Monsters are mystical creatures not limited to common violence. They also possess the capability to use Monstromagic: an Active Ability that directly impacts the battlefield.
Together with Monstropowers, Monstromagic defines each Type. Each of these types conforms to what aims to be an ultimate MOBA game!