Monster Stamina but in a shiny way
Monstropoly - Bob Monster
In life, we're told it's what's inside that matters.
The same applies to Monstropolians for, despite their... outstanding looks, these creatures are able to generate gold internally. Not gold as we are used to it, but rather a similarly valuable material that we name Shine, which is processed and transformed into a tradeable token named: $MPGLD
If it comes from within, it is essential. Never underestimate the potential of Shine within an ugly-looking exterior!


The ability to generate $MPGLD by a Monstropolian is determined by its Shine, which works like "Stamina".
Each Monster has a fixed amount of Shine. After every Battle, two critical things happen:
  • The player will earn $MPGLD if the Monster wins and has available Shine
  • 1 unit of Shine is consumed from the Monster for each Battle played (win or lose)
Just like gold, Shine is limited: Every time a Master consumes Shine from a Monstropolian, it will require the Monster to take some time to regenerate its Shine. Monsters will be able to keep fighting when they run out of Shine: while they won't be able to produce $MPGLD for their Master, this doesn't stop them from earning other rewards and rank progression. Their battlefield performance defines the amount of $MPGLD a Monstropolian can produce. The amount they generate has been studied and is described in this whitepaper's In-Game Rewards section.
A good spa session and massage in the Spa will help Monstropolians recover their shiny insides faster!
Maximum Shine amount and recovery periods depend on Monstropolian Rarity:
Max Shine

Feeling Good

Accumulating Victories when a Monster is out of Shine will make the Monster feel powerful, and it can sporadically generate Shine:
  • 1 Victory PvP game: 20% to receive 1 unit of Shine
  • 2 Victory Streak PvP: 40% to receive 1 unit of Shine
  • 3 Victory Streak PvP: 50% to receive 1 unit of Shine
  • 1 PvE game: 10% to receive 1 unit of Shine
  • 2 Victory Streak PvE: 15% to receive 1 unit of Shine
  • 3 Victory Streak PvE: 20% to receive 1 unit of Shine


Speed up the Shine regeneration: The Spa is the happy place where Monstropolians relax after hours of fighting. Here, they can take some much needed time for self-love, just like we do in those dreamy, all-inclusive paradise hotels...
After an intensive series of fights, every Monstropolian needs to take a well-deserved break. But they are short-sighted creatures when it comes to living their best lives...
There is a limited amount of times that a Monstropolian can visit the spa. This limitation will increase with the level of the Monstropolian.
The number of times a Monstropolian can get into the Spa is limited. This is determined by their Level.