Monstropoly - Dazzling Monster
Monstropoly combines a shooting game that unifies PvP & PvE modalities, delivering a juicy portfolio of cosmetic skins and rich solo/team deathmatch gameplay as you seek to earn rewards.
As a Monstropoly player, your ultimate goal is to improve the rankings of your in-game NFTs continually. Accumulate rewards to enrich your NFTs, enhancing your experience and generating more attractive items for you and the game market.
  • Playing the Game: Join your friends in a squad or play solo in different game modes. Complete daily challenges, level up your season pass and unlock additional rewards and NFTs. Use your in-game tokens wisely to improve the stats and levels of your NFTs.
  • NFTs with enhanced utility: All game skins are generative art NFTs, with the ability a staking calendar of rewards. All NFTs can be evolved and bred (up to 3 generations). A comic is launching where your NFT can make it to be featured in the story. Combine NFTs with them to bring a new monster to life and double your reward generation ability - or lend them to other players and receive passive income and much more!
  • Metaverse: Join a web VR to experience different events, engage with the community & create a different parallel digital life in our monstroverse.
The Monstroverse is a truly decentralised ecosystem using $MPOLY as its native token and reserve currency. As a player, your sole goal is to enrich your gear. This will make your characters more attractive plus earn you in-game tokens that give you access to project governance and high-level DeFi tools.