Coolest outfits in the space!

I want one!

Make it through our different progression systems to obtain exclusive skins:
Also, you can find cool outfits available for purchase at the in-game Store


Accumulate Karma by playing with a skin. When reaching the specific amount of Karma needed to mint a Skin, players can mint them into NFTs.
Skin NFTs can still be used inside the game or sold in the selected secondary market.
Be aware that the total amount of units of each skin that can be minted is capped to a maximum. Once reached, no more users will be able to mint that specific design.

Burning Skins

Sometimes you need to change your wardrobe background: Once you get tired of a Skin, or if you want to blame it after three defeats in a row... You can burn a Skin to obtain Skin Fragments.
Skin Fragments can be used to obtain free random Skins. May the luck be with you!