Some cool weapons!

Base models

The variety of weapons will be lower than the initial number of characters. The game will count with 50 different types of melee and ranged weapons to offer ample customization options when matching the set of characters.
As with those, there are a number of categories that make the actual variety of each base design extremely broad and progressive.


Every single Weapon will be available in 6 different rarities, each conferring the item better features in combat, higher staking rates and a finer appearance to draw attention at markets. The scale of rarities is the following:
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Premium
  • Rare
  • Exotic
  • Legendary
The rarity limits the Stats a certain NFT can get. If you want to get a more powerfull NFT you wil need to Upgrade the rarity of your NFT


In the Weapon class, there are 4 Skills that determine the lethality and duration of each item at each state. These are:
  • Damage (1-100): Amount of health substracted to the enemy as consequence of your attack
  • Accuracy (1-100): Sets the accuracy of shots on ranged weapons and reduces chances to dodge from foes
  • Critical Strike (1-100): Odds of an attack to inflict extra damage
  • Fire rate (1-100): Sets the number of shots per seconds
Similarly to the Character Class, each weapon will be created (actually minted) with initial random stats around the low end range of it's corresponding rarity. You will be able to evolve up to their respective maximum levels with good play and smart use of your earned $MPGLD resources.
Each weapon will have a minimum threshold for a certain skill. For instance, melee will get a minimum of 30 in Critical, and shotguns will inflict minimum Damage of 35.
Here again there will be a broad range of different weapons available from the very start of the game launch including all basic models scattered across a certain range of feature stats to provide variety. But yet with an incredible potential of weapon improvement and thus differentiation both in appearance, stats and staking power.
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