NFT Lending

Monstropoly - Comic sneak-peek
Contrary to the traditional rental system implemented by most P2E games, Monstropoly's Monster Provokers (NFT holders) no longer have to rely on manually-made payments to the Scholars.
The outdated manual system would have provided opportunities for deceptive Provokers to bribe unsuspecting players and exploit their skills over weeks or months.
With NFT lending, Monster Provokers (NFT holders) can loan out their Monstropolians to other players.
Any gamer can benefit from the privileges of fighting or breeding with a real Monstropolian while paying royalties to the original owner - all at a lower cost than the original Monstropolian purchase.
There will be three types of NFT lending to enjoy:
  • Gaming: Lend Monstropolians to other users for gaming and receive passive income
  • Breeding: Lend Monstropolians to other users for breeding purposes and receive passive income
  • Guild rentals: With the advent of P2E and large scale guilds, the rental escrow systems outlined above significantly simplify guild management and reduce the Provoker workload. Under this system, guild rental allows Provokers to sign a rental contract that they forward to Scholars to accept. This ensures nobody besides the Scholar is granted access to accept the lending proposal