Monstropoly - Comic sneak-peek
2 utility tokens power the world of Monstropoly: $MPOLY (core utility token) & $MPGLD (in-game token).
$MPOLY will be used to purchase NFTs, game tokens, $MPGLD and participate in relevant game decision making processes.
$MPGLD will be used to buy in-game items and receive rewards for gaming.
Both tokens will be exchangeable through a specific pool designed to maintain a self-regulated market price of $MPGLD. Users will be able to use their $MPOLY to acquire $MPGLD for use in enhancing their gaming experience.
Overall, Monstropoly will distribute rewards following a linear function with the exception of the first year, when reward intensity will be increased during the initial phases to incentivize early engagement.
Planed monthly distribution of Rewards over Time
Before diving into the details of the different earning paths available to users, let's share some more points about each of Monstropoly's two tokens.